This is a very symbolic day for us. Today started not only the Autumn, not only the education, but also – new partnership in Estonia. Geodeesia24, OÜ have acquired half of shares of our Estonian company LiMAP OÜ. 

This joint partnership will allow us not only to work together and grow our business, but also it will allow us to give Estonian Clients more benefits in the daily services, we will be able to react and execute services more efficiently and faster. This is great news not only for us, but also for Estonia’s Road Constructors and Designers. 

Together we can change road survey services in Estonia as it is known today. Experience and full onsite support, best knowledge of local regulation and specification, professional team of surveyors and good relationship with local Clients is just a little part of what Geodeesia24 brings into this agreement.  

For the second year we are working together in Estonia on various projects, but this spring we started a conversation on what if we join our forces and move with joint experience towards the things we can do both best. And after a few months of the discussions we came to the conclusion that it is the best way to work together. 

Thank you Karel Truu and Kait Kurvits for joining us. We know that we will make great things together.