LiDAR mapping system

Mobile LiDAR system

The 4th generation high-performance Mobile Mapping System
Road-Scanner is the new Mobile Mapping System to make high precision technology affordable to any Surveying and Engineering Company.

Road-Scanner 4 is the first-class Mobile Mapping and Scanning System developed by Siteco and distribute by LiMAP.
It comes from the consolidated technical competence in the field of mapping and surveying applied to road inventories, infrastructure monitoring, as-built surveys, Pavement Management Systems for roads and airports and any other service connected to Engineering and Constructions.
The development of the Road-Scanner Mobile Mapping technology started by Siteco in 2005 and went on in cooperation with the qualified Universities of Bologna and Parma. Siteco used its technology to survey over 50.000 km of roads, by constantly improving and upgrading it`s equipment and software.

Road-Scanner has been one of the first MMS to exploit mobile scanning, through the integration of the powerful and high precision Faro Photon laser-scanner. The system has been improved over time by integrating more and more powerful, faster, lighter and less expensive components.
The latest-generation Road-Scanner can be equipped with any combination of Lidars such as Faro Focus, Z+F, Riegl, Optech and others, to obtain a dense environmental scanning with a full all-direction coverage. Thanks to its compact design, the new equipment is completely portable, self-calibrating, and adaptable to any vehicle. The light and solid mounting hosts the cameras, the laser-scanners and the Inertial Navigation System, ensuring the calibration of all the equipment, and consequently geo-referencing all the collected data.

Road-Scanner 4 can be equipped with:

  • Up to 3 Faro Focus laser-scanners, or 2 Z+F/Riegl/Optech laser scanners for a dense all-direction scanning coverage;
  • Up to 8 High resolution (max 5Mpxl) cameras or a spherical LadyBug camera;
  • A wide range of Inertial Navigation Systems. Road-Scanner can synchronize all the the data collected with other sensors (Ground Penetrating Radar, Profilometer, thermal cameras, etc.).

Road-Scanner can be provided in modular and scalable configurations, according to the Inertial Navigation System and to the number of cameras and LIDARs. The initial configuration can be upgraded with additional devices, or replacing the INS with a higher model. Siteco offers some pre-configured turnkey bundles, with optimal component sets and price/performance ratio, ranging from entry level systems equipped with only one laser scanner, to advanced high performance solutions.

Road-SIT Survey is the photogrammetry application expressly developed for Road-Scanner, in collaboration with the Engineering Department of the Parma University. Road-SIT Survey allows the full control of the acquired data and offers a wide range of features for photogrammetric and laser-scanning measurements. Special functions allow the calibration and the orientation of the cameras, and of the LIDARs with reference to the origin of the navigation system. An accurate calibration is required to obtain precise measurements when the sensor position and attitude are changed. Road-SIT Survey is fully integrated with the Road-SIT facility management package. All the data are collected in a well-structured relational database.