Data processing

Data processing services:

Point cloud data vectorization. We extract, process and deliver accurate drawings in a short period of time.building_limap

Data classification. We classify data according to the heights, the purpose of the object or the client’s needs.

Digital elevation model. Depending on the need digital elevation model (DEM) is developed with all terrestrial objects (trees, buildings, etc.). Digital terrain model (DTM) – only for land relief (flood, drainage simulation, land use surveys, etc.). Read more..

Machinery projects. Using lidar data and pointcloud algorithms we prepare surface data for grinding machinery. Read more..

Volume calculation. We gather volume information to compare real and designed surfaces to avoid unnecessary expenses on extra materials.building2

As-built control. We are able to scan a whole construction site in minutes, getting all the needed geometry and it`s elements.

Analysis. The geometry precision we offer is up to 0.3 mm. Any calculations you imagine – is possible.

Orthophotography. Orthophotography is a great way to have an up to date plan of your construction site.

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