InfraBIM Open conference

LiMAP was happy to visit  InfraBIM Open conference, held on 7-8 th of February in Finland. We have check the best and brightest ideas of doing things The Nordic Way. “This event was much needed at this market because I don’t know any event like this one. It was definitely needed for BIM specialist and people who are working in infrastructure. The conference was more about general things, but I believe in the future it will go into more specific [...]

3D skenavimas

Join the 3D scanned project remotely

From now on, LiMAP customers can connect to the 3D project through the Potree portal. For your convenience, we will upload data and provide the link. What's the point? Let's imagine that you are working on an important project and you need extra data urgently... Having the surface plan in 2D space, you wouldn’t be able to check or update any data. But within 3D case, you could connect online and visit your site by yourself. You could easily measure the angle, distance, line, area, volume and if necessary – to export all the dimensions. You could also work [...]

Lithuanian main highways A1, A2 3D mobile scanning

Lithuanian highway A1 (Vilnius - Kaunas - Klaipėda) in a road section Vilnius - Kaunas is undergoing reconstruction. Implementation of a safe traffic in Kaunas and Kaišiadorys districts. Reconstruction of the road A2 Vilnius-Panevezys, with the installation of wildlife protection in it (Ukmerge and Panevėžys districts). LiMAP have scanned 88 km of the total road section and submitted detailed surface information with 3D topographical plans for designers. Mobile Scan System: scan range up to 238 m; panoramic pictures; 1,016 million points/sec; [...]

China Hi – Tech Fair

LiMAP presented 3D scanning services in the international China Hi - Tech Fair, in Shenzhen. Each year, the total exhibition area exceeded 100,000㎡, nearly 3,000 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and over 500,000 visitors attended. Currently, it is the largest and the most influential scientific and technological fair in China and is renowned as “No.1 Technology Show in China”.

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Lithuanian Survey Experts Takes Delivery of SITECO Road-Scanner

Bologna, Italy – SITECO Infomatica SRL has completed the delivery and commissioning of a Road-Scanner-4 to LiMAP of Vilnius, Lithuania. This latest delivery of the high performance Road-Scanner-4 is the first such configuration in Lithuania and the second of a SITECO mobile mapper to the Baltic region. The system is configured with two Zoller & Froelich (Z+F) 9012 Profiler laser scanners, a Point Grey Ladybug 5 spherical camera and an XBLUE Atlans IMU and inertial navigation system. This type of integration is able to provide the [...]

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